Phuket is the largest island in all of Thailand and it is surrounded by smaller islands, making it a great mother island from where to explore those little ones. Your private Phuket Villa on the coastline will be your home away from home and from this safe luxury haven on the mother of islands, you can hop on a speedboat or a traditional long-tail boat to go see the babies. Time to pack up and on an island hopping adventure around Phuket. Here’s where to go;

James Bond Island

This island, is located in the Phang Nga Bay, became famous after being featured in the James Bond Movie ‘The man with the golden gun’. It is a beautiful bay with crystal clear turquoise and emerald waters and giant limestone rocks standing tall, towering out above the sea. A gorgeous and historical place where you can go kayaking with friends and have the best time.

Koh Bon

Hop on a longtail boat from Rawai on the southeastern coast of Phuket to get to Koh Bon. An idyllic place to see the raw unspoiled tropical nature of South Thailand and perfect for spending a long day at a paradise beach, taking great instagrammable photos to make everyone jealous back at home.

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands, located 84 kilometers from Phuket, are included in the 10 best diving places in the world. It takes quite a boat ride to get there, but it is so worth it! The Similan Islands is home to 9 islands and each and every one of them is just breathtakingly beautiful, featuring powdery white, mostly desolate surrounded by greenery and giant rocks that appear to descend from a different planet. Not even to mention the wonder world that awaits beneath the surface. Generally, you can visit these islands between October and May.

Phi Phi Island

Another famous group of islands near Phuket are the Phi Phi Islands. Celebrated because of their beauty. One of the islands is home to Maya Bay, the place featured in the Leonardo Di Caprio movie ‘The Beach’. The Phi Phi islands attract tons of travelers all year round, coming to swim, snorkel and party the night away.

Racha Islands

A quick hop and you will be standing on one of the pristine Racha Islands, located only 12 kilometers from Phuket. These islands are perfect for snorkeling and diving and it is often visited by daytrippers. However, these days, you can also choose to stay overnight on Racha Yai in a beach bungalow or in a resort.

Coral islands

Even closer, just 5 kilometers from the coast of Phuket, await the Coral Islands and as the name implies, they indeed feature magnificent coral gardens and reefs, stealing the hearts of those who like to explore the underwater world. Banana Beach and Long Beach are also beautiful, great for relaxing beneath a palm tree with a fresh young coconut. Or, try out some of the watersport activities if you get tired of swimming and soaking up the sun.

Hop away!

These are only a few of the islands found around Phuket, you can keep on island hopping till you can go no more. You are bound to love it!

Written by Stephanie of Villa-Finder